SailGrib Weather Routing Free Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Free Download-High resolution Grib weather. good as Predictwind for Adrena Maxsea or opencpn etc

Download Free Grib weather files for use in any Grib viewer or Grib chart plotter such as Adrena, Maxsea or Opencpn. as good as Predictwind Free Download ...

Présentation Weather4D

Découvrez l'application de météo Weather4D pour iPad et iPhone.

SailGrib - Démarrage Rapide | Quick Start

Guide de démarrage rapide de SailGrib - téléchargement d'un fichier grib - outil de marée SailGrib Quick Start Guide - download a grib file - display tidal data.

Weather4D App with Tidetech integrated

Snapshot of Tidetech currents in Weather 4D for iPad. Animated sequence with optimal routing on display.

PocketGrib for iOS v1.1.6 Demo

Demo of the PocketGrib iPhone/iPad app. With PocketGrib you can download, view and analyse global weather using GRIB files.

w4d routage

Aide vidéo sur la fonction Routage de Weather4D PRO.

Trimaran Spirit - How to export a route from iSailor into Weather4D HD pro

This is another fairly quick and easy video tutorial that shows the method we use to export the routes that we create within iSailor into Weather4D HD pro.

How to Access GRIB Files on Iridium for Weather and GPS positions via Ipod, Ipad and Android

Learn more about Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web at Its a wi-fi hotspot and firewall for satellite phone email, web, marine weather, GRIB ...


Forecast for passage from Luperon to Bermuda, starting 4/8/13. Captured from Weather4D Pro.

Cartes personnalisées avec MapTiler | Custom charts with MapTiler

Créez vos cartes personnalisées en quelques clics avec MapTiler en partant d'une image: - achat d'une carte du SHOM - redimensionnement avec ...

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